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5 Tips for Job Search Success

Happy New Year! As we step into 2024 it’s a fresh opportunity to kickstart your job search and set yourself up to stand out in the job market. Here are 5 tips for job search success in 2024:

🌟     Define your Career Brand and Goals: Get clear about the value you bring and the opportunities you are looking for. This clarity will help you pitch your skills and experience and find the job you truly want.

🌟     Refresh your CV and Polish your Cover Letter Approach: Don’t just update your CV by adding in a few lines about your latest job. Give your CV a completely new look and makeover to ensure it aligns and is tailored to reflect your career goals. Ensure your cover letter resonates with your target opportunities.

🌟     Reach out and Connect: Commit to reconnecting with people in your network that you haven’t spoken with recently. Actively explore and create networking opportunities.

🌟     Optimise your LinkedIn Presence: Elevate your LinkedIn profile and do a stocktake to ensure it is presenting your skills and experience effectively.

🌟    Collect your Success Stories: Build your bank of examples that demonstrate times where you have added value and that showcase your skills. Identify times where you have received fantastic feedback and learnt valuable skills.

What are your career goals for 2024? Let’s chat about it in a free 15-minute session. Make a start on your journey to a successful job search in 2024.

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