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Career Clarity is a career coaching service that provides people with help to clarify their career direction and supports people with how to best present themselves to the job market to secure their next opportunity.

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I’m an experienced and qualified career coaching professional who thrives on making a real difference in people's lives. I’ve closely worked with a diverse range of people to help them take charge of their careers and land the jobs they’ve aspired to.

My expertise spans career and interview coaching, and optimising job application documents including CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. What truly fuels my passion is the process of helping individuals navigate the often-challenging path to securing the job they want.

I enjoy empowering people to not only build confidence but also effectively communicate the unique value they bring to organisations by articulating their skills and experiences with clarity and conviction. 

I work from an office based in Lower Hutt, Wellington and also offer online coaching sessions. ​​

Click here to book a time for a FREE 15-minute phone session to discuss your needs and how I could help.


Annemarie Mead

Career Coach, Career Clarity

Masters in Psychology, Graduate Certificate in Career Development,  BA, Psychology.

A Career Intelligence licensed coach and a member of the Career Development Association of NZ. 

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