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“I am a recent American skilled migrant to New Zealand. Although I am mid-career and have good employment experience, I struggled to initially find full-time work in my field in New Zealand. My interviews did not go as well as I hoped because I was unfamiliar with the competency-based interview format. Annemarie taught me to prepare for competency interviews. By doing a mock interview with me, she also helped me understand how to answer those types of questions well. In addition, she reviewed my CV and cover letter and helped me reformat them for employers in New Zealand. My next interview after consulting Annemarie not only went a million times better, but I got the job! Annemarie’s encouragement and instruction were critical in making this success happen.”  Mary


"I was a recent graduate when I met with Annemarie. I had an upcoming job interview but had absolutely no clue what to expect, or how to conduct myself in the interview, so I arranged a meeting where we could work on my interview skills. Annemarie was able to clearly guide me through a mock interview - she provided useful advice about how to best answer questions and gave valuable constructive criticism on each of my responses to the interview style questions. She was consistently positive and reassuring, while also equipping me with the necessary skills to interview effectively. Because of her help I went to the job interview feeling really at ease due to the work we had done prior to the interview. I ended up receiving a job offer, which I feel I can attribute almost exclusively to Annemarie's help - the questions they asked me were really similar to the ones Annemarie asked in our mock interview and the style of answer they were looking for was exactly what she helped me prepare to give.  I would gladly return to seek further help from Annemarie in the future."   Alex

“Annemarie went through all the paper work required for the job application and assisted me in answering quite complex questions. Not only did she make me feel great about my abilities but boosted my confidence no end. I left feeling empowered and pleased about applying for the job. I would recommend anyone who is re-entering the work force to use Annemarie’s services.”  Kirsten

“Annemarie was so helpful and encouraging while helping me put my CV and cover letter together. Being a new graduate, I hadn’t had a lot of experience with customizing my CV for different applications. Annemarie was really helpful and would suggest different examples which would better highlight my skills and experience. The presentation of my CV improved so much also. Annemarie is a really positive and creative person who is eager to help others and now thanks to Annemarie I now have my dream design job in Christchurch!”  Amy

“Annemarie did an amazing job compiling my C.V and cover letter. Not only was she professional and creative in designing the documentation, but she was instrumental to my job search, her ongoing support through the application phase has made the process a lot less daunting. I have no hesitation in recommending Annemarie to anybody looking to kickstart their career."  Paul